Download Our Research Studies to Learn Why the Studio
is a Must-Have for Your Classroom

Livestream Learning Studio has commissioned two research studies from outside evaluators to demonstrate how beneficial our educational livestreams and supplemental curriculum are for K-5 classrooms.

Livestream Learning Studio: Product Validation Study by Leanlab Education includes educators’ feedback on the product fit, value-add and feasible use-cases of Livestream Learning Studio for teachers and administrators.

“There is a push to increase the rigor of my classroom, so having a fun component like [Livestream Learning Studio] is really important” (pg. 11).

An Investigation of Livestreamed Theatre in the Elementary Classroom by Dr. Catherine Atkinson shows how Livestream Learning Studio’s creative arts integration and SEL content formed a positive connection with K-5 students, boosting content engagement and student achievement.

“The educational value of the live events can be inferred from the fact that the term ‘learn’ and its derivatives appeared 46 times in the open-ended student responses” (pg. 23).

Download the reports below to see how important the Studio is for your classroom. Then subscribe for the 2023-24 school year and experience the benefits for yourself!

Livestream Learning Studio is a subsidiary of The National Theatre for Children, a Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE).

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