No cost subscription for schools affected by Hurricanes Ian in Florida and South Carolina, and Fiona in Puerto Rico

Livestream Learning Studio has always been committed to creating strong communities and resilient kids.  As a way to help we will provide our programs to any elementary school impacted by the recent Hurricanes at no cost all year long. We offer a stress-free, no prep, easy to use program of supplemental curriculum for grade 3-5 teachers that will help mitigate learning loss and reduce stress while schools work towards returning to normal teaching. Our proven Learning through Laughter Livestream Events can easily be an eLearning or hybrid solution for classrooms in areas of storm recovery.  For example, our Wellness Wednesday programs include topics on emotional health as well as a program on how to prepare for emergencies and disasters.

And this no cost subscription for your school requires no apps or technology – just an internet connection. It’s the fastest way to deliver supplemental curriculum into schools anywhere.

Our thoughts are with all our teachers and children as we build back and recover. 

– E. Ward Eames, III, CEO      

Please complete the form and we will be in touch immediately to deliver your free subscription all school year long.

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If your elementary school was impacted by Hurricane Ian in Florida & South Carolina or Hurricane Fiona in Puerto Rico, we want to help. I’ve authorized our team to provide all our programs at no cost to your school all year long. – E. Ward Eames, III, CEO