What is a Livestream Event from Livestream Learning Studio?

A Livestream Event at Livestream Learning Studio is a 30-minute virtual lesson delivered live to schools with an annual subscription. During the livestream, classrooms or individuals interact in real time with our Directors who deliver lessons in Subject Areas using an arts integration pedagogy.

What is included with a Livestream Event?

Each of our Livestream Events includes:

  • Online Teaching and Learning Tool Kit for teacher’s  preparation
  • 30-minute, live event presenting an arts integrated lesson on a specific topic
  • Real-time interaction and Q & A with students during the Live Event
  • Follow-up activities and assessments available in the online Tool Kit 
What Subject Areas does Livestream Learning Studio teach?

Each Livestream is aligned to national standards for grades K-12 and highlights three Subject Areas: STEM, Health & Wellbeing and Financial literacy. Within these three Subject Areas we address many different topics including, but not limited to, SEL, Savings, Ecology, Health, Civic Responsibility.  We provide unmatched educational enrichment with a drama-based arts integrated approach.

Do your Livestream Events contain content that align with educational standards?

All of the topics and content in our livestreams align to national educational standards. For a description of each title and which standards they align to, please visit our website.

How does Livestream Learning Studio support SEL teaching strategies?

Livestream Learning Studio supports SEL teaching strategies by aligning virtual content and follow-up lessons with the five core competencies of the Casel SEL Framework. Our livestream directors establish a culture of kindness and respect during the programs, using terms and phrases that nurture a growth mindset for the program participants. Students work in pairs and/or social groups to complete activities and discuss the subject matter, encouraging them to collaborate and form productive relationships with their peers.

How does a Livestream Event Lesson integrate with the Arts?

We use the performing arts as the construct to present the educational content. Every Original Title is written, produced and performed live in our studio. In addition, each title has a corresponding Arts activity that teachers can use in the classroom after viewing the livestream.

How many Livestream Events can a school attend?

With an annual subscription, all teachers have access to 24 Original Titles (Topics) divided into three Subject Areas – STEM, Health & Wellbeing and Financial Literacy – giving you access to a total of 192 Livestream Events during one school year.

How many of your Livestreams Events have been presented?

During this school year, our Livestream Events have reached:

Over 2,250 schools 

Over 560,000 students 

Over 31,000 teachers

What evaluation data do you have on your Livestream Events?

On a scale of 1-7, educators have scored our Livestream Events at a 6.58 on average. Ninety eight percent (98%) of these educators said they would like to receive a similar virtual program in the future.

Click here to review the results from our National Pilot Program Report

What do teachers say about your Livestream Events?

Our teachers have rave-reviews about our livestream performances! Please, visit our website www.LivestreamLearningStudio.com to read their testimonials.

Can a school attend Livestream Events on more than one day, week or month?

Yes, every teacher (and every student) in a registered school may attend any or all of our 192 annual Livestream Events.

Are there subscriptions for grades other than 3-5?

Our first annual subscription is currently available for Grades 3-5. Stay tuned for more in the near future.

How many schools can attend one Livestream Event?

Our platform supports millions of individual users logging in to attend the event, so basically, unlimited.

Does a school need any special technology in order to watch the Livestream Event?

Participants need an internet connection to log in, and a device with audio to watch and listen. The stream can be viewed on phones, laptops, computers, smartscreens, etc. If multiple people are watching from the same location (such as in a classroom), we recommend that the fewest devices possible are used. This allows for a more collaborative experience and can help ensure the best internet connection.

How does a school access the Livestream Events?

Upon subscribing, the schools primary contact will be provided with a link to the Livestream Event along with all necessary details. They are instructed to share this information with their staff, and in the case of distance learning, forward it to the student’s home.

Does Livestream Learning Studio require a log in and do you collect any data?

No log in is asked for or required. We do not require or collect any data that can be tracked to an individual viewer. Our full privacy policy is on our website: https://LIVEstreamlearningstudio.com/privacy-policy/

How long is each Livestream Event available?

The link that the school receives after subscription and registration is the link to ALL Livestream Events throughout the year. One copy of each Original Title (Topic) will be archived and available the following month in a library for educators to use on demand.

Can a school or viewer come late to a Livestream Event?

Yes, if a viewer or viewers log in late to the Livestream Event, they will arrive at the “live” moment within the event. They can continue from there or track back to the beginning of the stream but won’t be able to take true advantage of the live interaction, Q & A, etc.

What happens if a school misses their scheduled Livestream Event, or if some of the school misses it?

If you miss a Livestream Event, there are many options. You can go to the next available event – which could be that same day. In addition, as a subscriber you also have the ability to reference past Original Titles on demand in your library.

Can you perform for all 450 of my students at once? Or just my class of 25?

There is no maximum audience size. The more, the merrier.

Do you need approval from our school district?

Usually, we reach out directly to individual school buildings to see if the school is interested in subscribing, rather than first reaching out to the district. If a school is interested and they require district or board approval, we are happy to fill out any necessary paperwork and/or applications to abide by specific guidelines.

The dates/times you offered don’t work for our school. Can we look at other dates?

The calendar of all 192 Livestream Events is prepared in advance and each event is available live at those times only. An Original Title  will be recorded and added to your library the month following its live debut.

What does an annual subscription cost?

The cost for an annual subscription is $2,650 per school. The total annual subscription cost when you register with your payment information, grants you access to all 192 Livestream Events plus Professional Development for your teachers. Additional discounts apply for a multiple school subscription. Please contact Info@LivestreamLearningStudio.com for more information.

Glossary of Terms

Annual Subscription – School Year subscription designed specifically for Grades 3-5 learning levels. Includes 192 Livestream Events with 24 original educational titles.

Arts Integration – The educational content is presented through the construct of performing arts. Each Original Title has a corresponding arts activity.

Demo Program – Experience the program for a limited time at no cost and no obligation.

Financial Literacy Topics – Budgets, careers, consumer safety, credit, debit, debt, expenses, financial planning, income, investing, saving and spending.

Health & Wellbeing Topics – Anti-bullying, civic responsibility, emergency preparedness, health, nutrition, personal safety, social emotional learning (SEL), mental health, bully and cyber bully prevention.

Learning Resources – Digital resources for teachers, such as lessons and student activities for each Original Title.

Live Director – A professional educator/performer that hosts each Livestream Event and interacts in real time with students and teachers.

Live Interaction – Teachers and students participating in the Livestream Event can communicate via chat with live director who can acknowledge and answer questions in real time.

Livestream Events – A series of 30-minute virtual programs and lessons delivered live to schools using live theatrical performance.

Livestream Events Calendar – Dates and times of Livestream Events during the school year.

Livestream Learning Studio – A K-12 livestream subscription service that delivers educational enrichment and arts integration through interactive events supported by digital resources.

Livestream Portal – The link for subscribers to access Livestream Events, Teaching Resources, Lesson Plans, Events Calendar, Program Archive, and Assessments.

Original Title – A 30-minute unique presentation of educational content in one of three subject areas.

Professional Development – Participants will each receive a letter of certification for four hours of professional development from Livestream Learning Studio, to be applied as appropriate within your school district’s guidelines.

STEM Topics – Agriculture, biological, earth, ecology, engineering, environment, natural, physical, and social science, water, technology, infrastructure, engineering and math.

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) – Social and emotional learning (SEL) is the process through which young people and adults acquire and apply the knowledge, skills and attitudes to develop healthy identities, manage emotions, achieve personal and collective goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain supportive relationships, and make responsible and caring decisions.

Subject Areas – STEM, Health and Wellbeing and Financial Literacy.

Subscription Discount – Special offers on price based on time of year, the number of schools participating within a district and other criteria.

Subscription Rate – The cost to each school for a full school year subscription with unlimited access.

Title Archive – A digital library of each Original Title stored on the Event Portal. Titles may be accessed by schools the month following each title’s live debut.

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