In our discussions with school administrators over the last few years, many of the same questions keep reappearing again and again:

  1. How can we collectively serve students across our district with consistency and excellence in our curriculum?
  2. How can we provide support to teachers in every building to ensure they have the resources and guidance they need? 
  3. How can we present enrichment opportunities for all students, not just those participating in extra-curricular activities? 
  4. How can we ensure that students receive an education that benefits them academically as well as socially and emotionally? 
  5. How can we maximize educational impact while minimizing costs, financial and otherwise?

By providing Livestream Learning Studio to your district, we offer innovative solutions to these difficult challenges. Not only does the Studio deliver educational enrichment that seamlessly integrates into any classroom or teaching model; it also provides a collective arts experience that enhances students’ social-emotional learning (SEL), benefitting them both inside and outside the classroom. The Studio could provide a common ground for professional learning communities across the district, or it could be uploaded into your students’ digital portals as self-directed activities to support distance learning. The opportunities for utilization are as diverse as the educational landscape.   

With LIVE, 30-minute interactive programs dealing with subject matter in STEM, health and wellbeing and financial literacy, Livestream Learning Studio is able to connect with students to help them succeed. Each lesson is tailored to fit all learning styles, backgrounds and curriculum types to be found within school districts – including hybrid, virtual and in-person learning; homeschool, charter, private and public schools; and before- or after-school programs. When your district subscribes to this service, it will receive access to programming that’s not only easy-to-use and flexible for busy schedules, but enriching and valuable across all grade levels.

Why us


Livestream Learning Studio provides:

Each 30-minute program features professional actors, high-quality video, crisp sound and closed captioning. Our engaging presentations are appropriate for students in grades 3-5 and can be viewed in the classroom or at home. If you miss a livestream presentation, you can always tune in for an on-demand recording. Either way, with just a few clicks you’re in the Studio!

Our livestream directors establish a fun and safe virtual learning environment, guiding and encouraging students through a series of educational videos and activities that align with national education standards. This subscription service lasts the entire year and enhances academic and social skills by reinforcing the five core competencies of SEL.

Purchasing a subscription for multiple schools in your district allows for discounted pricing that won’t break the bank. We know that schools are consistently asked to do more with less and we strive to make Livestream Learning Studio highly accessible through its affordability.

School Year 2022-23 Subscription Calendar

School Year 2022-23 Subscription Calendar



School Year 2022-23 Subscription

Your educators will receive:

  • Access to 192 interactive Livestream Events
  • Educator instructional video
  • 24 educational programs designed for grades 3-5 throughout the school year
  • Unlimited viewing of each program
  • Downloadable teacher lessons and student activities
  • Evaluation and feedback form

with exciting and educational programs like…

Be Prepared, an emergency and disaster preparedness program. Students learn the importance of establishing a family emergency plan and the roles of first responders in emergency situations. As a result, they will focus on the SEL core competencies of responsible decision-making, relationship skills and social awareness.

Conserve to Preserve, an environmental awareness program. Students learn how human activity affects the Earth and the different environmental impacts of energy and water usage. As a result, they will focus on the SEL core competencies of self-awareness, self-management and social awareness.

Spend It or Save It?, a financial literacy program. Students learn the value of establishing a personal financial plan, the importance of budgeting and why saving for the future is smart at any age. As a result, they will focus on the SEL core competencies of self-management, responsible decision-making and social awareness.

Livestream Learning Studio is a subsidiary of The National Theatre for Children, a Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE).

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