Coming to Livestream Learning Studio in 2023-2024!

Livestream Learning Studio’s virtual live events aim to rethink the school experience for everyone. Our objective is to enrich the interaction between students and educators while using technology that appeals to young learners. In other words, we make technology serve as a resource rather than simply a tool.

We imagined it, then we built it.

In 2020, as COVID intensified, we imagined a classroom that could schedule multiple live, virtual theatrical events available every week, all year long. These live events would apply drama-based pedagogy to academic subjects by providing engaging instruction to students using interactive online-event technology.

It took us two years, but we invented, tested and refined this new approach we call Livestream Learning Studio, which is pioneering the virtual live experience in the classroom.

This new approach to “technology as a resource” comes from the minds behind The National Theatre for Children. NTC has been delivering live, in-school, drama-based academic enrichment for over 40 years, reaching over 25 million students in 60,000 schools. Livestream Learning Studio has embraced NTC’s adaptive approach to ensure that students continue learning no matter the format or technology.
What We Do

Beginning in the 2023-24 school year, Livestream Learning Studio offers a complete elementary package for grades K-5.

ACT 1Grades K-2
Our lower elementary titles focus on literacy and the elements of story. Sixteen livestream titles specifically tailored for grades K-2 will be available throughout the school year.
ACT 1Grades 3-5
Our upper elementary titles focus on STEM enrichment, inspiring students in this important field and preparing them for future studies. Sixteen livestream titles specifically tailored for grades 3-5 will be available throughout the school year.

All together, that’s 32 titles with hundreds of live events throughout the school year that your students and educators can enjoy together!

Subscribe now for SEL enrichment!

An annual subscription is just $4,950 per elementary school building or $450 per classroom. A subscription to Livestream Learning Studio includes:

  • 32 original live shows available throughout the entire school year
  • Digital resources including teacher guides and student activities
  • On-demand recordings for ultimate viewing flexibility
  • Full reporting and evaluations
  • Three hours of professional development included
Professional Development

With each subscription, Livestream Learning Studio includes three hours of professional development at no extra charge to educators, focusing on SEL and arts integration training, portal demonstrations, review of digital resources and overview of classroom benefits. Every participant will receive certification from Livestream Learning Studio.
Livestream Learning Studio is a subsidiary of The National Theatre for Children, a Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE).

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