Who We Are

Livestream Learning Studio was established by the leadership team at The National Theatre for Children (NTC) as a direct response to the deficits in education worsened by the COVID-19 pandemic. NTC has been producing a special brand of standards-aligned education, delivered through live theatrical productions, since 1978. Administrators, teachers and students look forward to our unique blend of entertainment and impactful educational content that connects with students of all ages, across a variety of demographics.

We know that students benefit from events and curriculum that provide effective social-emotional learning opportunities. We also know that educational programs enhanced by the creative arts spark joy in learning. Over our many years visiting schools in person and soliciting feedback from educator evaluations, we’ve received requests for enrichment subjects and arts-integration programming outside the scope of our sponsored projects. Based on those needs, we made the decision to branch out into the development of affordable and impactful content that supports students and teachers through a year-long subscription service. We’re excited and proud to introduce Livestream Learning Studio.

A visit from the boss! Ward Eames, CEO of Livestream Learning Studio, visits Livestream Producer Evan and Livestream Director Rachel before a presentation.

What we do

How could a live event be more accessible to educators across the country? How could schools repeat the experience in different subjects and grades? How could a schedule be made that serves more students? Livestream Learning Studio answers these very questions by utilizing accessible digital platforms and arts-integrated comedy sketches with a live director who interacts in real time with the student audience. The Studio offers 192 live events each year across grades 3-5. Programs are easy to enjoy with a flexible schedule and a capacity to serve all your students. Livestream Learning Studio creatively explores various topics in STEM, health and wellbeing, and financial literacy, all the while using social-emotional learning (SEL) perspectives to fully engage with students.

In the first year of programming, the teachers and administrators we’ve served have been overwhelmingly positive. Almost half a million American students across all learning models (in-school, remote learning, hybrid) have engaged with this unique learning system and real-time interaction. Livestream Learning Studio is excited to continue to build our library and expand our base of educators.

SEL Core Competencies



Learning Studio?

Livestream Learning Studio is a year-long school subscription service that focuses on vital enrichment education, rooted in the five core competencies of social-emotional learning: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills and responsible decision-making. The Studio delivers dynamic virtual learning experiences to your students throughout the school year that teach valuable academic information while enhancing social and emotional growth. 

This supplemental content is supported by activities and lessons that align with national education standards and the CASEL SEL Framework. All of our content is designed to help young people in classrooms across the country learn and apply their knowledge and skills in healthier ways. Let Livestream Learning Studio make it easy to integrate SEL strategies into your regular classroom routine. Check out our calendar of events to learn more. Even better? Start learning and sign your school up today.

Livestream Learning Studio is a subsidiary of The National Theatre for Children, a Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE).

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